Abatout Anti-Rat whole 400g wheat

SKU: 7188389 Abatout Anti-Rat whole 400 g wheat


the active ingredient contained in this preparation to be very effective rodent resistant to first generation anticoagulants. Mode of action: anticoagulant action by reduction of the prothrombinemie and death by asphyxiation. To decimate a colony of rats, it is essential that the bait acts slowly: If the taster delegated by the colony died instantly, none of its congeners would consume the bait. It is with a delayed effect and arouses no suspicions. Rats do not link of cause and effect, they weaken, away from the colony, hide and die in a few days. Active participates in the drying of the rodent and avoids the strong odors of rot. Employment allowed in the gardens - active Substance: Difenacoum.

operating tips:

preferably place the bait in accessible only to rodents hideouts. Baiting until the consumption ceases. Handle with gloves to avoid the smell of man. Close the box after each use.


active substances: Difenacoum (0.005%) and Antidote (Vitamin K1)


400 g jar