Abatout Anti-guepes smash 300ml

SKU: 7218104 Abatout Foudroyant Anti-Gupes 300ml


formulation and packaging specific to destroy nests remotely ensuring optimum security for the user. Preferably treat nests at the end of day (moment where most insects have returned). This aerosol that is equipped with a diffuser large flow and long range, drains quickly. Donning protective equipment, positioned several metres from the nest and send him a first discharge. Proceed by very brief sprays (a few seconds). Closer to the size of the nest, repeat the operation if necessary. ABATOUT SPECIAL nests combines a 'shock' important and intense lethal effect. Insects that come into contact with the nest a few hours after the intervention will also be destroyed. Finding: Usually the Hornets do not nest at the same location the following year.

operating tips:

close local to treat issues. In shock treatment, briefly spray Abatout smash anti-guepes of the center of the room to walls.


permethrin, D-Phenothrin, D-Tetramethrin