4321 Slim Ultra Detox taste Jasmine elder 280ml


SKU 6074991 4321 Slim Ultra Detox taste Jasmine elder 280 ml


This food supplement is specially formulated herbal for effective action

Indeed, the artichoke, the birch, the pissentlit, Linden, fennel and elderberry can detoxify the body.

Fennel, birch, artichoke and elderberry are also actionable purifante.

Linden, pissentlit, green tea, the Queen of near and the orthosiphon helps eliminate.

Finally, green tea and artichoke are reconnes to refine the silhouette.


Reserved for adults.

Operating tips

14 days cure.

Dilute 1 dose in a tall glass of water per day.


Aqueous extract of plants obtained from sapwood of Basswood 490 mg, sheet of birch 490 mg, Fruit of fennel 490 mg, root of dandelion 340 mg, luminary Fleurie of Queen of about 340 mg, leaf of tea green 205 mg, sheet of artichoke 50 mg, sheet of Ortosiphon, 50 mg, root of radish black 50 mg, water, Bay of elder juice concentrate , Aroma jasmine, preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Acidifier: citric acid, sweeteners: Sucralose