3 Oaks Spray Nasal 50ml

SKU: 2201620 3 oak Spray Nasal 50ml


Laboratory 3 Oaks has developed for you Nasal Spray.

Nasal spray is recommended in children from 6 years old and adults for the well-being and the nasal hygiene.

This nasal spray contains 7 assets:

  • of seawater,

  • of the vera, indulgent

  • Lichen of Iceland,

  • h. Myrtle E,

  • of copper,

  • manganese,

  • sulphur.

Thus, it cleans, releases and secure the nose. It assures a smooth wash to help you breathe better.

Its physiological tip is suitable for children.

Tips 3 Oaks Nasal Spray:

1 daily use is recommended at a rate of 2 to 6 sprays per day into each nostril.

Insert the tip gently into the nose.


Repeat in the other nostril.

After each use, clean the tip. The same nasal spray should not be used by several people.


Keep out of reach of young children.

Children from 6 years old.

Keep away from heat and light.