3 Oaks 804 Pack + 804 aid slimming slimming Triple Action offered

SKU: 2201282 3 Oaks 804 offered slimming + 804 aid slimming Pack

804 pack lean:


804 starter, is a slimming programme that allows you to lose weight in 8 days. a notice tells you day after day the food programme which will allow you to achieve your weight loss goals. Proposed food are at will, this avoids the feeling of hunger and a dietary imbalance, causing a sensation of fatigue.

the slimming programme consists:

  • from a drinkable solution to the flowers of Bach 200 ml

it contains tea green promoting renal excretion. Burdock meanwhile has a draining action and facilitates the urinary elimination.

  • 8 tablets day

they contain Guarana that promotes weight loss. Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue and protects the cell stress.

  • 8 tablets at night:

they contain green tea and fennel that have a draining action. Fennel also has detoxifying properties. Vitamin B6 contributes to the functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions.

  • diet soup

vegetable soup, ready in 3 minutes

operating tips:

take the program for 8 days strictly following the operating instructions. Take 1 tablet day at breakfast, 1 tablet at night for dinner. Every morning drink 20ml oral solution diluted in a glass of water. Dilute 5 cc of soup in 40ml of water.


keep out of reach of young children. Not recommended for pregnant women or breast-feeding. it is recommended to follow the program 2 times consecutive. these supplements do not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

804 aid slimming 30 chewable tablets offered:


804 aid slimming is recommended in parallel to program 804. These chewable tablet helps weight loss to reduce the inconvenience related to the phase of thinning such as cravings, pump strokes or bad breath.

one tablet contains :

  • gum acacia fiber and pectin from lemon help to reduce hunger
  • green coffee and Cola, which naturally contain caffeine, stimulate vitality.
  • essential oil of mint refreshes the breath.

operating tips:

take 2 to 4 tablets per day with a large glass of water.