3 oak Somniplex 15 tablets

Somniplex is a dietary supplement which facilitates sleep.

Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes

SKU: 2201367 Les 3 Chnes Somniplex 15 tablets


Somniplex is a complex of natural assets, highly dosed in melatonin. Melatonin is an asset recognized to facilitate sleep. the association of extracts of 3 plants acting on sleep complement this action, which the Griffonia simplicifolia bringing the precursor Hydroxytryptophan of melatonin. This action is enhanced by the addition of magnesium, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6, recognized for improving the quality of sleep you providing a sleep recovery.

shares of Somniplex:

  • faster sleep
  • sleep recovery
  • without habituation or adverse effect

operating tips:

take 2 pills the night before the lying. Keep out of reach of children, away from heat and moisture.


Net weight 12.75 g

15 850 mg tablets