3 oak PhysioRonf snoring Spray 20ml

The buccal spray Physio Ronf acts effectively against snoring.
Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes


SKU: 2061460 the 3 oak PhysioRonf snoring Spray 20 ml


the language so that the bottom of the Palace and the throat tissues relax when one falls asleep. In some people, these tissues partly block the passage of the resulting air vibrations during respiration. Some factors favour this phenomenon as an overweight causing a narrowing of the Airways, pregnancy, stuffy nose, alcohol, tobacco or tranquilizers, stress...

3 Oaks have developed the Physio Ronf buccal spray, developed based on specific naturally occurring assets, it acts on the 4 responsible axes of snoring and you allow to sleep quietly.

composition of Les 3 chnes Physio Ronf Ronfements:

  • eucalyptus: it decongests system respiratory.
  • Melissa contributes to the quality of sleep.
  • the ginger contributes to the proper functioning of transit.
  • xanthan gum and aloe vera helps strengthen and lubricate the soft palate to limit vibrations.

operating tips:

it is recommended to make 5 sprays at the bottom of the gorge at bedtime.