Les 3 Chênes Osteophytum Gel 100ml

Gel with herbal extracts and essential oils, which relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain.

Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes



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Les 3 Chênes Osteophytum Gel 100ml is  gel, to be applied before, during and/or after a sporting effort, which facilitates the return to a true joint and muscular comfort: it relaxes muscles and relieves pain. It facilitates mobility and joint flexibility. 
Its formula combines various plants:
  •   arnica,
  • meadowsweet
  •  Harpagophytum,
  • seal of Solomon,
  •  chestnut of India,
  •  licorice tree.
Osteophytum gel also contains 3 essential oils.
The more of this product? Its non-sticky texture, which does not stain.


Joint gel indicated in case of muscular, tendon disorders.

Directions for use

Apply gel with light massages before, during and/or after physical activity.
In case of mobility problems and joint flexibility, apply the gel twice a day on sensitive areas.


For more information regarding the ingredients of this product, please contact us at info@sanareva.co.uk


100ml tube