3 oak Lipophedrine Liporeducteur - 80 capsules

Capsules favoring a action Liporeducteur and potentiating metabolic

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SKU: 2064240 Les 3 Chnes Lipophedrine Liporeducteur - 80 capsules

Lipophedrine is a patented active of bio-technological innovation developed by the expert 3 c pharma laboratory in natural solutions to prevent and improve the daily genes. This treatment allows you to cause the consumption of calories without effort (approximately 130 kcal) and to increase its efficiency during physical exertion (500 kcal).

why Lipophedrine is so effective?

the effectiveness of Lipophedrine on your body is possible thanks to the combination of two innovative active Glavonoid and biaminoee respectively a powerful liporeducteur and accelerator metapolique.

Lipophedrine has non-negligible benefits extending well beyond the effectiveness of traditional fats sensors. Indeed, his action directly tackles fat installed dite, one that other grease sensors will not seek merely to remove lipids you eat through your transit. This liporeducteur treatment also allows you to avoid the unpleasant effects of diets as well as the famous yoyo effect after a cure.

Biaminoee metabolic Accelerator active

Biaminoee is an active ingredient developed by 3 c PHarma laboratories. It is a combination of 22 amino acids to speed up your metabolic process and activate your cellular oxygenation.

our pharmacists operating tips

Sanareva pharmacists advise you to use Lipophedrine in the following way: 4 capsules per day with a glass of water until your weight loss goal.

To increase the effectiveness of lipophedrine, our pharmacists advise you to practice a sport at the less than 3 times a week and this activity for about 20 minutes.

Warning this food supplement should be used with caution, as part of a balance of healthy living and a good diet food.