3 oak Bio Menopause Sage 30 tablets

This food supplement fight against the inconvenience of menopause. Learn more
Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes
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SKU 4688849 3 oak Bio Menopause Sage 30 tablets


menopause is difficult to women, this hormonal change causes certain annoyances and the hot flashes, anxiety, disorders of the sleep and mood swings. 3 Oaks have developed Bio Menopause Sage, a dietary supplement that combines Sage and soybeans and 2 essential oils Bio (Clary Sage and aniseed) to bring your body everything it needs, in this fundamental step in the life of a woman.

  • the Sage and the soy helps reduce hot flashes
  • essential oils regulates mood

Bio Menopause Sage tips:

take 2 tablets a day preferably in the morning with a glass of water 15 days renewable.

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