3 oak 100% 30g Royal Jelly

SKU: 4864200 3 oak 100% 30 g Royal Jelly

Real nutrient concentrate, Royal Jelly is exciting, invigorating. It helps to increase the resistance to the cold, stimulate appetite improve mood and vitality for a well being general strengthened. the BIO Royal Jelly guaranteed NLP is the result of a chain of production completely secure. the NLP brand imposes by contract production using chemical contaminant, nor synthetic plant protection product. NLP respects the work of producers, preclude recourse to the labour of children. recommended : A all persons over 50 years - to the children and growth - To adolescents in exam period - Adult stressed - convalescents or any person crossing a period of ill be - F or sportsmen. operating tips : take a spoon (1 g) , in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, leaving melt under your tongue.