3 m Tegaderm + Pad dressings 9cm x 20cm box of 5

dressing movie with non-adherent compress to protect surgical or superficial wounds.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 5387995 3 m Tegaderm + Pad dressings 9 cm x 20 cm box of 5


Tegarderm + Pad is a sterile transparent dressing with absorbent non-adherent compress to the wound of 9 cm x 20 cm. It is indicated for:

  • surgical, wounds

  • ,
  • lacerations and abrasions,

  • Burns of second degrees,

  • superficial, wounds

  • slightly exuding wounds.

It protects the wound of exogenous contamination for 7 days.Impermeable to water and bacteria, it authorizes the baths and showers. in addition, it allows gas exchange and lets the skin breathe.

Elastic, flexible and comfortable, it adapts to any location and withdraws without trauma to the skin.


Is available in different sizes: 9cmx20cm, 5cmx7cm, 9cmx10cm.