3 m Tegaderm + Pad dressings 9cm x 15 cm box of 5

film with non-adherent compress bandage to protect slightly exuding wounds.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 7307428 3 m Tegaderm + Pad dressing 9 x 15 cm box of 5


Tegaderm + Pad is a transparent band-aid 9 cm x 15 cm.

This sterile dressing and hypoallergenic contains a neutral compress absorbent non-adherent to the wound. It is well indicated for recovery of low exuding wounds.

In addition, this dressing has 3 advantages:

  • it is impervious to water and bacteria,

  • it lets the skin breathe

  • it can stay in place 7 days.


Is available in different sizes: 9cmx20cm, 5cmx7cm, 9cmx10cm.