3 m Micropore bandaging microporous 25mm x 5 m

microporous hypoallergenic adhesive designed to keep dressings on fine and fragile skins.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 7078270 3 m Micropore bandaging microporous 25 mm x 5 m


Micropore is a microporous tape hypoallegenique, flesh-colored , designed to keep dressings on thin or fragile skin and allow frequent dressings minimizing secondary skin reactions to adhesives.

Microporous, very permeable to air and water vapour, it lets the skin breathe and its stickiness increases in time and explains her good outfit.

Is simple to use thanks to its reel that easily allows tear at the desired size.

, I l leaves no sticky residue and its removal is painless.

this tape is non-elastic.

Tips for using Micropore tape:

Tear tape, using the hose reel, at the desired size. Then, apply it on the dressing or pad for good do adhere to the skin.