3 m earplugs Aquafit adult 1 pair box

Plugs Aquafit offer protection of the ear during swimming.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 9697712 3 m DC-01-002 Aquafit ear-on plugs 1 pair


Plugs D'oreilles Aquafit port allows to avoid inconvenience or pain when swimming in a pool or in the sea. Plugs block the passage of water into the Canal hearing. Aquafit ensures protection and an optimal seal.

  • these plugs contain no element made of natural rubber, among other latex.
  • a form completely in harmony with the ear in order to easily penetrate the ear.
  • a large seal.
  • maximum security, during its implementation and the withdrawal.
  • a material flexible, malleable and fresh.

3 m plugs of ears Aquafit operating tips:

  • hold the rod caps, at the base of the flanges.
  • put an arm around your head and gently pull the ear upwards to open the ear canal.
  • fully insert the rounded part of the plugs into the ear canal, leaving the stem outdoors.
  • to remove, gently rotate the plugs to remove the seal and remove the CAP.