3 condoms Durex Surprise Me box


SKU 8319313 3 condoms Durex Surprise Me box


The 3 best Durex condoms in format pocket. describes the Durex Surprise Me the three best models of the mark:

  • Pleasure Me, condom textured and beaded
  • Feeling Sensual, condom, ultra thin, extra lubricated
  • strawberry, condom colored and flavored

let yourself be tempted by this Mix and you enjoy a Max!

  • Sun. Pleasure Me: 195x56m. Thickness: 65 microns
  • Dim. Feeling Sensual: 178x56mm. Thickness: 55 microns
  • Dim. Strawberry: 178x52mm. Thickness: 65 microns
  • Latex
  • with tank
  • standard CE and NF