3 c Pharma Sinuxin 16 bags

Food supplement with naturally occurring assets designed to clear the respiratory tract and air.
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SKU 2201610 3 c Pharma Sinuxin 16 bags


3 c Pharma Sinuxin 16 bags is a dietary supplement with assets of natural origin designed to clear airway and air.

the multifactorial exclusive complex consists of: curcuma longa, piper nigrum, Bromelain, andrographis paniculata, eucalyptus globulus, thymus vulgaris, pinus sylvestris, N acetyl cysteine, citrus paradisi, raphanus sativus, magnesium, salix alba, quercetin.

eucalyptus helps to reduce inflammatory conditions of the respiratory tract and bronchi and contributes to a proper breathing and easy.

the andrographis contributes to respiratory comfort, helps soften the respiratory discomfort in a natural way.

directions for use:

Adults: 1 sachet 3 times per day.
children aged 3: 1 packet one to two times per day
Dilute 1 sachet in a sufficient quantity of water or juice of fruits.
not Recommended for pregnant or lactating women to people allergic to salicylate derivatives.


Clear airway and respiratory.

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