19g jar red tiger balm

Red tiger balm (mythical product)

Manufacturer: Tiger Balm



SKU: 4429622 19 g jar red tiger balm


The Red tiger balm is used externally to soothe the pain of musculoskeletal origin. It relaxes muscles and relieves contractures, its anti-inflammatory action is beneficial in the context of joint and tendon pain. It is so very used to soothe lower back pain or arthritis-related.

There are many brands and counterfeits of the authentic tiger balm.

We offer the real Tiger Balm brand tiger balm, to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of the product.


Camphor, Menthol, essential oil nail of clove essential oil of cajeput, cinnamon, dementholisee Mint oil oil

precautions for use and contraindications:

In all cases, the tiger balm is used only in dermal application: avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, wounds, and do not bandage the treated area (risk of irritation).

Due to the presence of essential oils and camphor, pregnant and lactating women, as well as the children of less than 6 years, should refrain from using it.