Precision set of 2 pens Nail Polish corrector

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Corrector pen varnish to retouch the laying of your nail Polish fast and accurately.

Manufacturer: Lysse Coutellerie - Manucure Pédicure

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Corrector of varnish Precision set of 2 pens allows you to touch up your nail polish in order to wear a perfect pose. Indeed, this product allows you to soak any solvent on a mine in order to remove your nail polish with precision and thus properly redraw the contour of the nail through two pens and 6 mines of spare.


Pen to correct the installation of your nail polish to remove overflows.

Directions for use:

Remove the rear cover and 3 mines, then unclip the white background of the corrector to remove the buffer tube.Fill the cap of 3 ml of solvent and put the tampon inside so that it absorbs completely solvent.Replace the buffer in the tube of concealer. ReClip the white background and the CAP back with refills after cleaning.Wait 1 minute as the mine is completely soaked in solvent. The corrector is ready.


2 correction pens and 6 mines of spare.


Lot of 2 Polish random color Correctors.



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A. Anonymous
  the 10/10/2018
5/ 5
Very good product