Pranarom Ultrasonic Diffuser Ohlo Blue Mint Usb

SKU: 0852380 Ohlo Ultrasonic Diffuser Blue Mint Usb of the brand Pranarom is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, which can be carried everywhere thanks to its nomadic format, it is also possible to connect it to a USB port! 
Its sleek, modern design is associated with a delicate mint color that allows it to be fully integrated into your interior or your work without it being noticed.
The Ultrasonic Ohlo Diffuser Blue Mint USB is very trendy and its mist will cleanse and purify the ambient air of your home or your workspace. It is ideal to perfume your space with a very pleasant scent of essential oils.
The Ultrasonic Ohlo Blue Mint Usb Diffuser is so convenient that it can also fit into the cup holder of your car. In addition, it was developed using a fall protection system very practical: if it spills, the diffuser is cut immediately.