Pranarôm PranaBB Bio Sleep Diffuser Blend 10ml

Essential oils to help calm and soothe your baby into a natural sleep.
Manufacturer: Pranarom
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Pranarôm has designed this Diffuser Blend to help to calm and soothe your baby into a natural sleep. It contains 100% certified organic natural essential oils, which help relaxation for well-needed rest.

The Sleep Diffuser Blend contains 100% certified organic essential oils. With such soothing ingredients, (chamomile, true lavender, lavandula, sweet orange, small grain bigarade and mandarin) they combine into a very soft fragrance for a remedial sleep.


100% natural essential oils to help your baby fall into a natural sleep.

Recommended Use:

Suitable for babies 3 months and over. Put 3 drops in the Pranarôm Sphera BB to diffuse the oils. Diffuse the oils 30 minutes before going to bed.


100% organic essential oils.

Sweet Orange, Small Grain Bigarade, True Lavender, Mandarin, Nobile Chamomile, Lavandula.