Pranarôm Sweet Almond Oil 50ml


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The Pranarôm Sweet Almond oil (Prunus amygdalus) is 100% organic. It is an ideal carrier for essential oils in aromatic massages. Also used as a night cream for more radiance.

Pranarôm is a world reference in scientific aromatherapy thanks to the quality of its raw materials. 

Over 300 essential oils are presented to consumers under the brand Pranarôm. All of them are 100% pure and natural. 

Pranarôm is above all a synonym for expertise. 

Each batch of essential oil is botanically and biochemically defined and scientifically analyzed by gas chromatography. 

Pranarôm makes no compromise on the purity and the components of its essential oils. 

CTEO label is the ultimate guarantee for this unsurpassed quality.

Thanks to its excellent reputation, Pranarôm is also proud to be an official supplier of essential oils in bulk for the most prestigious brands in the world of beauty (Estee Lauder) and pharmacy (Pfizer, Capsugel).All around the world, Pranarôm works in close collaboration with growers and distillers of aromatic herbs. This proximity allows Pranarôm to monitor the quality of its essential oils from the plant to the bottle.

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For use in aromatic massages or can be applied at night for improved skin radiance.

Recommended Use:

Use in massage, diffusion, oral after the professional notice and compliance with appropriate precautions.


Organic sweet almond oil.**Ingredient resulting from Organic Agriculture. (Certisys control BE-Bio-01) - BIO means: resulting from organic agriculture (Certified by Certisys-BEBIO- 01).


50ml bottle.