Pranarôm Ylang-ylang Extra Essential Oil 5ml

Essential oil derived from Ylang-ylang plant for aromatherapy treatment.
Manufacturer: Pranarom


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Pranarôm Ylang-ylang Extra Essential Oil is derived from the Ylang-Ylang plant (Cananga odorata) native to Asia which grows up to 20 metres in the wild. Its yellow, mature flowers are especially renowned for the essential oil they produce which has a unique warm, floral fragrance which is both exotic and nuanced with its notes of femininity. Pranarôm are specialists in scientific and medical aromatherapy with over 20 years experience in the industry. See more Pranrôm products here.


For aromatherapy treatment use. 

Recommended Use:

Use as a massage oil, for diffusion or by oral intake (after having consulted a trsuted medical professional and used with appropriate precautions taken).


Essential oil 100% pure and natural.Aromatic molecules: Germacrene D, benzyl acetate, farnesene, benzyl benzoate 


5ml bottle.