Pranarôm Classic Noble Diffuser

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Quiet and easy-to-use essential oil diffuser with EU plug. Diffuses micro-particles, without having to heat them.

Manufacturer: Pranarom

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A silent and elegant appliance to aromatise the air for all living spaces 10-100m2. You can adjust its intensity through the power controller to create a soft, soothing atmosphere and/or a sanitised atmosphere, according to your needs.

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Releases cold dry oils. The diffuser works simply with an on/off setting. Once turned on, it diffuses at a standard rate for 30 minutes where it then goes into automatic sleep mode unless switched off. You can increase its standard intensity with the power controller.

Directions for use

We advise 10 to 20 drops of essential oils for every diffusion session. To cleanse the air and help respiration, aromatherapists use eucalyptus, pine and spruce, ravintsara and saro essential oils. To provide serenity and relaxation, true lavender, small grain bigarade, sweet orange and mandarin essential oils are also recommended. After difficult times, such as following hospitalisation, rehabilitation or after a traumatic loss, essential oils diffusion provides a comforting support. The essential oil of spikenard, neroli, incense and citrus essences are particularly suited.


Technical details: - Unit made from sustainable rubber wood and blown glass down to the mouth. Mood LED light - operates on 220/230V AC - 50Hz - 120mA. Power 12V / 200mA. Comes with an EU plug.


1 x diffuser


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W. Mark
  the 08/03/2018
5/ 5
A great device that also looks great in any room. Fills the room full of quality essential oil bought from Sanareva.