Pranarôm Organic Aromapic Mosquito Repellent Spray 100ml

Atmosphere or material spray to repel European and tropical mosquitoes. 

Manufacturer: Pranarom

SKU: 0851434


Pranarôm Organic Aromapic Mosquito Repellent Spray 100ml is an effective repellent against European and tropical mosquitoes (aedes aegypti, culex pipiens, anopheles gambiae) for 7 hours. It also helps keep wasps and bees away.

It can be used in the air or on clothing, having a 2-in-1 action.

It contains 100% organic essential oils which effectively repel insects: 
  • lemongrass
  • geranium
  • lavender 
  • lemon eucalyptus 
It also contains citriodiol. 


Mosquito repellent spray.

Suitable for pregnant women and children over 1 year old. 

Directions for use

Ready to use spray:

  • atmosphere: spray for 8 seconds in air in a space of approx. 12-24m² and repeat after 7 hours
  • fabrics: spray 20cm away and repeat after 7 hours

    Warning: spray 30 minutes before children or pregnant or breastfeeding women are in room


    100% organic essential oils: lavender, lemon eucalyptus, palmarosa, lemongrass, tea tree, Madagascan lemongrass, geranium, giraffe, ginger. Active natural citriodiol, from eucalyptus citriodora.


    100ml spray.