Plugs batteries model 312 6 units

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Plugs batteries model 312 hearing aid.An assistant of listening or a hearing aid is efficient if its battery is charged and in perfect working order.In the case of unloading, replace it with a new battery plugs Audio!These batteries are designed without mercury and comply with the new regulations in force.Their zinc-air technology uses air outside the battery as a source of energy.The lozenge seal the perforations in the battery and ensures that it remains totally new to its use. The battery begins to discharge only once the protective lozenge withdrawn.

  • Mercury-free
  • Compatible with all hearing aids
  • Long-term

Greener: a higher lifetime of 21% compared to a hearing battery containing mercury.


Mercury-free.Voltage 1, 4V.Keeps for 3 years.

Directions for use:

Remove the protective lozenge of the battery.

Never leave a battery in a hearing long after use: the battery may damage the unit.


The zinc-air batteries


Blister of 6 batteries.