Pleniday 500g granulated Fructose

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Pléniday Fructose Cristallisé is a product of the sugar substitute to consume under some plans after medical advice and at doses not exceeding not 30 to 40 g throughout the day. 100% fructose, it increases blood sugar lower than following the consumption of sucrose.


100% natural sugar.

Directions for use:

Fructose is used both cold than hot in drinks and desserts. It caramelizes at 100 degrees. Fructose has a power stronger than sucrose, sweetening especially cold. So 1 tablespoon fructose for 2 tablespoons of sugar usually will be used.


100% fructose.

Nutritional analysis average per 100g:

Energy value: 1700 kJ/40 kcal

Carbs: 100g sugar 100g


Jar of 500g.