Plant ' s Aloe Vera Gel body titled pure 200ml

Gel pure juice of aloe vera, soothing and restful.

Manufacturer: Planter's

SKU: 5370368


This aloe vera gel is 100% pure. It repairs and soothes sensitive skin or irritated by the Sun.Irritation, redness, chapping and mosquito bites are immediately relieved.

It is suitable for delicate skin of children.

It protects the skin while the softening and nourishing her.


Care for sensitive or irritated skin.

Directions for use:

Apply on the skin. Suitable for the body, face and hair.


Aloe Vera pure 100% titled in Polysaccharides, citric acid, Gluconolactone (Fermentation of rice, corn and sugar cane), Sodium Phytate (extract from rice).

Paraben - unscented - without Peg - free Silicone - agentless gelling chemical adds - tests on Nickel - tested under dermatological control.


1 tube of 200ml.