Phytosun Aroms essential oil diffuser drop

Oil diffuser essential drop-shaped with ultrasonic humidifier, Timer and lamp room

Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms

SKU: 9959218 diffuser of oils essential phytosun with ultrasonic humidifier

This diffuser two in one Phytosun Aroms, diffuse haze and essential oils by ultrasonic

Properties of the diffuser Phytosun:

Of a ultrasonic dispersion of essential oils service, essential oils Phytosun diffuser allows oils to diffuse slow and progressive. The mist of water through the diffuser will allow you to moisten too dry spaces.

His lamp low energy consumption LED bulbs-equipped changes colour to create a zen and relaxing atmosphere. To improve its ease of use, the Phytosun essential oil diffuser is equipped with a small timer allowing you to stop the spread of oil after 10 minutes of use (this is to not to saturate the air)

operating tips:

we recommend that you place the diffuser on a flat surface in order to ensure better stability.

The use of the diffuser is very simple:

  • Remove its cover
  • pour the water into the tank up to the level indicated.
  • Add only 2 drops of essential oils in the diffuser phytosun.
  • You can then close the lid and plug the diffuser and take advantage of your essential oils