Phytoceutic organic maca woman 30 tablets

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Maca woman of laboratories Phytoceutic is a dietary supplement for women aimed at dimineur the stress and increase the desire to regain a radiant sexuality.

Maca woman has received assets from Maca, aphrodisiac, rhodiola, beneficial effect on fatigue induced by stress, and saffron, contributes to emotional balance and stimulates the libido.

This dietary supplement is also suitable for women who began the period of menopause in a natural way and without Phytoestrogens.


INGREDIENTS: Extract of Maca *, Rhodiola extract *, rice syrup *, wheat starch *, stabilizer: of Calcium Citrate, anti-bonding agents: Magnesium Carbonate, silicon dioxide, sunflower oil *, extract of Saffron *. * Ingredients from organic farming