Phytoceutic Bio 80 menopause tablets

Bio menopause - Soy, fennel, peppermint, Sage

Manufacturer: Phytoceutic

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Phytoceutic, the expert of the food supplements of natural origin for more than 20 years, made Bio Ménopause for women who wish to address the period of menopause in a natural way.

The hormonal changes of menopause can be associated with a number of variations (hot flashes, swings of mood and imbalance of the sleep, change the skin, hair and nails,...).

Bio menopause of laboratories Phytoceutic contains soy isoflavones, which act as Phytoestrogens and contribute to reduce the side effects of menopause.


Extracted from germ soya (Glycin max) no GMOs titled isoflavone *; Dehydrated rice syrup *; stabilizing: calcium Citrate; caking: magnesium Carbonate, silicon dioxide; Sunflower oil *, essential oil of fennel *, peppermint essential oil *, essential oil of Clary Sage *. * Ingredients from organic farming