Phyto Specific Thermoperfect 8 75ml

Enhancing care smoothing for curly, kinky, and relaxed hair to repair and protect the hair.
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 2149893 Phyto Specific Thermoperfect 8 75ml


The Phyto Specific laboratory develops products only intended for people with curly hair, frizzy or relaxed.

So Thermoperfect 8 is enhancing care smoothing for curly, kinky, and relaxed hair. This treatment takes 8 beautifying actions:

  • It smooths the hair, 100% smooth hair.

  • It has a heat shield,

  • It is restful,

  • It is anti-breakage, 88% anti-breakage effect,

  • It is anti-secheresse,

  • It is Anti-Frizz,

  • It makes the hair soft,

  • He brings shine to the hair.

This care beauty do, plant and natural origin, has an anti-heat technology to protect from attacks of the plates, irons and dryers to reveal all the beauty of the hair.

Phyto Specific Thermoperfect 8 operating tips:

  • On hair washed and drained: spread 1 to 2 nuts of care depending on the length and the porosity of the hair. Detangle hair. Then, well pre-drying hair prior to blow drying or use irons or plates.

  • On dry hair: use the care between two alterations of smoothing shampoo.

Do not rinse.


External use.