Phyto PhytoSpecific Spray Tips dry Hydra repair 100ml

Spray Drypoints refreshing hydra - nourishes, strengthens the tips - flexibility and silky touch
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 5371801 Phyto PhytoSpecific Spray Tips dry Hydra repair 100ml

Overview :
This biphasic treatment moisturizes and strengthens the hair curly, frizzy and relaxed Drypoints, sensitized to multiple manipulations.
the association of remedial vegetable proteins and winter cherry, rich in vitamin C, fruit acids, restructures and softens the rough peaks.
oils double anti-free radical and softening virtues sound of rice, grape seeds protect from external aggressions and guarantee a hydration optimal.
Repaired and better hydrated, the tips are more silky, soft, and shiny.
hair is disciplined, easy to comb.

operating tips :
shake the bottle vigorously
spray on spun dry tips or dry.
do penetrate.
do not rinse. Styling. Use as soon as required.
applies before blow-drying or another mode of styling.

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