Phyto Phytheol Lotion Sanitizer anti-dandruff 100ml

calm itching and ensures action continues against dandruff.
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 5173550 Phytheol Lotion Sanitizer Phyto anti-dandruff 100ml

Phytheol Lotion Sanitizer anti-dandruff properties:

Daily and easy to use, the Phytheol lotion quickly calm the itching and ensures an anti-dandruff activity continuously. She assinit and regulates the ecosystem of the scalp throughout the day to limit recurrences.

Associated with cade wood essential oil, extract celandine the keratoreductrices properties, sanitizes and permanently slows the excessive flaking of the scalp. The extract of zanthoxylum, anti-irritant, instantly soothes discomfort and itching.

Films are eliminated, the scalp is normalized and appeased. Used regularly, Phytheol lotion prevents the reappearance of dandruff.

Phytheol Lotion Sanitizer anti-dandruff operating tips:

daily applied line by line on the scalp dry or wet. Spread gently massage. Do not rinse.