Phyto care Express fighter & colour reflections chocolates 145ml Gloss

Reflections chocolates for brown to dark brown hair
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 5136709 phyto care Express fighter & colour reflections chocolates 145 ml Gloss

Properties: reveal the brilliance of your color ave this express care! real light sensor, care repigmentant melts instantly to the color of the hair to better reveal it by providing an extreme brightness. without oxidation or discoloration, this formula has an extract from Pernambuco of Brazil wood which revives the brilliance of brown coloring to dark brown with chocolate intense. reflections mango and moisturizing cocoa butter-enriched , it nourishes the hair and renders the intensity of color while protecting. Held 4-5 shampoos operating tips: Put the gloves. Apply 4 to 6 pressure on hair washed and spun taking care of well spread throughout the hair. Leave 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Allows about 10 applications. Do not use on sensitive or irritated scalp.