Phyto Gloss care express fighter & colour plate 145 ml


SKU 5136810 phyto Gloss care express fighter & colour plate 145 ml

Properties: true light sensor, care repigmentant melts instantly to the color of the hair to better the reveal with extreme brightness. No antioxidants or discoloration, this formula has an extract of genipa which neutralizes the yellow efftes and enhances the brilliance of blond hair highlighted or bleached. Enriched with mango butter and hydrating Arctic Bay extract, PHYTO GLOSS nourishes the hair and renders the intensity of color while protecting it. Holding: 4-5 shampoos. operating tips: put on the gloves. remove the protective tab and apply 4 to 6 pressure of PHYTO GLOSS on hair washed and spun taking care of well spread throughout the hair. Leave 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Replace the tab after use. This product allows to realize about 10 applications.