Phyto Color 4 Chestnut

Hair colour treatment based on natural plant extracts.
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 7969709


Phytosolba has created the best in hair colouring treatments, with extracts from indian and brazil wood, madder, broom and corepsis. This innovation brings the technology and expertise of plants together to make the Phyto Color range. Their colouring treatments: - Cover 100% of white hair from the very first application.- Ensure longlasting colour.- Respect the sensitivity of your hair and scalp.

Phyto Color is a smooth, non-greasy texture. It is both easy to apply from the root of your hair to the tip. It also holds a pleasant fragrance to give your new colour a little extra too!


Chestnut colouring to revitalise your hair.

Recommended Use:

Before applying any colouring, be sure to use Phyto Ales Oil which is an essential oil specially formulated to hydrate and protect the fibre of your hair.Its porousity regulating action allows for uniform colour throughout your hair, protecting the pigments and giving a your hair a beautiful shine. Apply directly to your hair, strip by strip. May be mixed with Phyto Color. 


Phyto Color is based on many plant extracts including Indian and Brazil wood, madder, broom and corepsis. 


1 bottle of milk developer 60ml.1 colouring cream tube 40ml.1 sachet of protector care 25ml.1 pair of gloves.