Phyto 7 Blond Color

SKU: 7969721 phyto Color 7 Blond

. 1 bottle of developer 60 ml milk-1 colouring 40 ml cream tube-1 packet of care protector 25 ml-1 manual - 1 pair of gloves Overview :PHYTOSOLBA laboratories create first plants tonctoriales staining (wood of India, the Brazil wood, Garance, Genet, Coreopsis) used since antiquity for their colouring properties.This innovation, combining high technology and expertise of plants, gave birth to PHYTO COLOR.color care who:-covers 100% of white hair from the 1 st application-provides a long duration of your color-respects the sensitivity of the scalp and hairideal before any coloration, the oil of ALES to pure essential oils is specially formulated to moisturize, protect the hair fiber and leather scalp.regulatory action of porosity allows a more uniform colouring protects the pigments and gives year incomparable shine to your applies directly stripe by stripe on the leather scalp or perhaps mixed in PHYTO COLOR.PHYTO COLOR is a rich cream that does not flow. Easy to apply, it allows a precise and uniform of the root distribution at the tip of the hair.PHYTO COLOR is pleasantly perfumed.