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Physiogel Dermo cleanser 250ml

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SKU 7033273 Physiogel Dermo cleanser 250ml

Description: to keep skin healthy and maintain its functions of protection, skin hygiene is essential and must act on all the phenomena that may disrupt. our skin is constantly subject to external aggression: dust, pollution, traces of care or makeup products. Attacks can also occur following the use of soaps, toilet milks and more or less irritant dermatological treatments, including therapy of acne.

indications: cleansing Gel extra-soft fluid for reactive sensitive skin, skin weakened by dermatological treatments and intolerant skins to soaps or toilet. classics milks Ideal also for baby toilet and removing make-up from the face and the eyes. Bottle of 150 ml, 250 ml or 250 ml Dispenser Pump.

format: chosen for its high tolerance, the active principle of Physiogel Dermo-cleansing, cocoyl isethionate of sodium, enjoys both cleansing and softening properties. Is cleaner soft extra fluid, light texture that does not contain tensio-active irritant, or colour, or SOAP: it does not dry the skin, is hypoallergenic * and respects the natural rates of sebum and moisture skin. neutral pH, Physiogel Dermo-cleansing preserves the physiological balance of the epidermis. Its formula, which contains no fat, is also adapt suitable for oily skin. * formulated and tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

operating tips: A the help of a cotton, apply Physiogel Dermo-cleanser on the skin using light circular massage to properly emulsify the dirt. rinsing can be done with warm water but is not essential. If a reactive and intolerant, skins for example with water, you should simply wipe with a tissue or a cotton.

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