Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Corrector Roll-On Yellow/Light 9g

SKU: 8607881


This double corrector has two roll-on colours to cover up and reduce your dark circles. They will brighten and unify your complexion. The yellow corrector covers blemishes and the light corrector masks the yellow colour and blemishes.  The stainless steel roll-on points give a fresh feeling while reducing puffiness in the dark circles. It also reduces normal and finer wrinkles. A true new innovation from Physicians Formula.


For all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Recommended Use:

Apply the yellow corrector to your dark circles and pat in to help absorb and unify your skin tone. Add the corrector cream on top of the yellow and on the blemishes on the face. Blend to fade in and unify. Afterwards, you can apply foundation. 


Hypoallergenic. No fragrances, parabens or gluten.


1 double corrector.