Philips Men's Electric Shaver Series 6000 Wet & Dry


SKU: 0389436


Philips Homme Electric Shaver Series 6000 Wet & Dry is a shaver designed to provide a close shave while minimising the risk of skin irritation.

Its anti-friction coating provides a smooth shave to minimise the risk of irritation.

The MultiPrecision blades are designed to cut both short and long hairs with precision while minimising the number of passes over the same spot that can cause irritation, even on a 3-day beard.

Its MultiFlex head is flexible in 5 directions for 5 different strokes to perfectly follow the contours of the face.

100% waterproof, this shaver can be used on dry or wet skin in the shower.


Electric shaver.

Directions for use

Refer to the instructions for use.


1 shaver + 1 trimmer head + 1 travel bag.