Pharm Up Kit small Bobos 175 x 125 x 62 mm

Kit small sores to heal all your small wounds.
Manufacturer: Pharm Up


SKU 8511040R Pharm Up Kit small Bobos 175 x 125 x 62 mm


It is very easy on a daily basis to make the small bobos.

Therefore, the Pharm Up laboratory has designed specifically for you, the Kit small bobos.

This kit includes the necessary to treat all your wounds and your injuries.

So your bobos will be treated quickly and disinfected thoroughly.

You won't have no more pain and your wounds heal quickly.


Kit small bobos.

operating tips

Before treating the wound or injury, the clean and disinfect it. Then, apply the protection.


- 5 pads 5 x 5 cm non woven sterile

- 2 disinfecting compresses

-1 tape 5 m x 1.25 cm

- 1 band expandable 3mx5cm

- 1 band expandable 3mx7cm

-10 adhesive dressing 19 x 72 mm

-1 pair of scissors 8 cm

-1 pliers-thorn

- 1 pair of gloves

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