Perio Aid Gel Toothpaste 0.12% 75ml

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SKU: 4295995 perio Aid Gel toothpaste 75 ml its formula contains: -chlorhexidine gluconate 0.12%, long-lasting broad-spectrum antiseptic. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic for restore - properties and/or maintain oral health.

indications: -associated with periodontal and implant treatments. Infections and inflammation localized, etc. -Hygiene oral well suited in the presence of appareilset of prostheses or implants, because of his abrasiveness zero.

toothpaste gel without any anionic agent, does not alter the effectiveness of mouthwash chlorhexidine used immediately after brushing, unlike most toothpastes. Thanks to the persistence of chlorhexidine, the action is extended for 10 to 12 hours.

allows a use in local application.

operating tips: -use as a regular toothpaste using a small amount of gel onto a brush with soft rounded stranded. Carefully brush the hotspots at least twice a day, with vertical movements from the gums to the teeth. -the majority of toothpastes contain detergents that inactivate the chlorhexidine. Do not use at the same time that the Perio-Aid freeze nor with the baths of mouth Perio.Aid.

presentation: gel toothpaste 75 ml

not forget...

Perio Aid treatment Gel is part of a family of antiseptics: -Perio Aid treatment mouthwash without alcohol -Perio Aid treatment Spray -Perio Aid Maintenance mouthwash

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Number of reviews : 4
Average rating : 4.8 /5
K. Andrew
  the 06/02/2021
5/ 5
Been using Perio-Aid gel toothpaste for years (use advised by dental hygienist) and it has stabilized my gums/stopped deterioration
F. Alba
  the 10/09/2020
4/ 5
Feels right for the sensitive gums.
L. Vijay
  the 19/07/2020
5/ 5
Perio-aid is the best toothpaste I've used, but it is not easy to get. Most sellers blatantly over-charge. Sanareva are genuine, fair traders, and are a real godsend.
A. Simone
  the 23/04/2020
5/ 5
Great for your gum