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Perio Aid Mouthwash Maintenance 0,05% 500ml

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SKU 4296026 perio Aid mouthwash 500 ml Maintenance


Mouthwash chlorhexidine 0.05% indicated for the strict control of dental plaque in the maintenance phase after treatment with Perio - Aid (0.12%) treatment and for cases in which the application of an antiseptic at low concentrations is necessary and sufficient. antiseptic for everyday use for frequent problems of the oral cavity.

Its formula contains: -chlorhexidine gluconate 0.05%, long-lasting broad-spectrum antiseptic. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties in cases where an antiseptic of low concentration is necessary and sufficient. -cetylpyridinium chloride to 0.05%, high efficiency antiplaque, which potentiates the activity of chlorhexidine antiseptic.

indications: -Avoids reoffending and progression of periodontal disease in patients with previously treated for gingivitis, periodontitis - or peri-implantitis, allowing a better control of infections. -Reduces the risk of loss of support in patients fitted with fixed dentures or implants and prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other. -Substitute for oral hygiene when correct brushing can only be achieved by some patients.

thanks to its action on the S.mutans, it contributes to the reduction of root caries risk among patients with recessions gingival. its low concentration of Chlorhexidine allows treatments over 6 months.

operating tips: -rinse mouth 2 times a day morning and evening for 30 seconds with 15 ml, after brushing. Can be used diluted with water 1:1 or 2:1 (water and mouthwash), using a water jet. -it is advisable not to rinse the mouth with water or ingest food immediately after the use of Perio-Aid Maintenance.

presentation : bottle of 500ml

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PerioAid Maintenance is part of a family of antiseptic : -PerioAid Treatment mouthwash without alcohol -PerioAid Treatment Spray -PerioAid Treatment Gel

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