Paris Exfoliac lotion 125ml

A strong concentration of AHA in efficiency.
Manufacturer: LED NOREVA
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SKU 7569039 Exfoliac lotion 125 ml


specific liquid Texture of areas to apply with a cotton on the skin to moderate imperfections to installed


Promotes the removal of imperfections
Rebalances and cleanse the epidermis
Fight against excess sebum and matifies

Proven by a randomized study versus excipient
Tolerance tested we imperfections-prone skin

Non-photosensitizing, can be used during the summer (does not exempt from the application of a solar filter)
Facilitates the hair growth

operating tips:

applied using a cotton, 1 to 2 times per day, we have cleaned and dried skin
avoid contact with mucous membranes
do not use in children less than 3 years.

apply cream suitable for your skin we have perfectly cleaned skin and dried. problem
for this place a DAB of cream on the tip of your fingers, then apply the face (or the areas to be treated)
massage slightly for get well

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