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Paranix treatment full anti-lice shampoo 200ml + Spray environment 150ml

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SKU 265571 Paranix treatment full anti-lice shampoo 200ml + Spray environment 150ml

Paranix shampoo lice 200 ml


Shampoo lice Paranix is a treatment full lice and electronic flea killer grooming.

Indeed, thanks to its formula double stifling action and dehydrating, in 10 minutes, it eliminates head lice and nits from hair.

, His mild and pleasant smell of mineral hyuile and foaming agents based, it is ideal for the whole family.

Your hair is treating deep and soft.

Without insecticide.


Lice and electronic flea killer grooming.

operating tips

From 2 years.

Check the presence of lice or nits with the included comb.

Apply a good amount of shampoo on dry hair. Massage evenly. Leave for 10 minutes. Lather and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Then use the comb to remove lice and nits after shampooing.

Do 2 applications from 10 minutes to 1 week apart.


Mineral oil, foaming Agents, fragrance.

Paranix Spray environment anti-parasitic 150ml


The pest spray Paranix allows to effectively eliminate all parasites in your environment.

It thus preventing recontamination of lice and nits.

It processes objects, clothing and bedding.

Non-washable at 60 C.


To eliminate parasites in your environment.

operating tips

Spray 30 cm from the areas in contact with lice.

Renew this operation as soon as reinfestation of lice or nits.


D-Phenothrin, Pyriproxyfen, Excipients: scented hydri alcoholic solution and nitrogen.

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