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Paranix Spray lice and slow 60ml

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SKU 4630347 Paranix Spray lice and slow 60 ml

Paranix is a complete treatment without insecticide against lice. combining efficiency and softness.

Its formula based on oil of coconut of essential oil of ylang ylang and anise essential oil has been clinically tested and its pleasant smell of anise seduces children.

Extracts of coconut and anise oil clogs the breathing holes of lice who die by suffocation and dehydration.

. Complement the essential oil of ylang ylang comes soothe scalp irritations due to scratching.

. Paranix is a bottle spray without propellant from 60 ml to treat 2 to 4 people 2 times and a metal comb to remove nits.

Paranix vaporize on dry hair. Well massage then let sit for 15 minutes. Wash the hair with normal shampoo or mild Para.

Comb damp hair with the comb Paranix (specially designed for the removal of nits). and/or Para slow to eliminate nits and dead lice.

Remake treatment 9-10 days later: all of the nits that have hatched since the 1st treatment will then be killed. Paranix can be used in asthmatics (because the spray contains no carrier gas).

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