Paranix Spray and comb treatment lice and slow 100ml

Radical in 15 minutes - formula dual-action odor-free
Manufacturer: Paranix
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SKU 9728080 Paranix Spray and comb treatment lice and slow 100ml

Paranix formula double action dehydrates and suffocates the lice and the nits. effectiveness has been tested clinically. Without insecticide, lice cannot develop resistance to Paranix. operating tips : 1 - apply on dry hair. Hold the spray about 10 cm of the scalp and spray Paranix carefully and regularly to moisten all the hair. good massage from the roots to the tips to soak up all of the scalp and the hair. pay special attention to the neck as well as to the area behind the ears. allow 15 minutes 2 - wash the hair with your usual shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Renew shampoo if necessary. 3 - Before drying, carefully pass fine lice comb so slow delete and lice dead. regularly Rinse the comb to remove nits and lice. 4 - Renew processing 7 days later.