Parakito Anti-Mosquito Bracelet Refills x 2

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Natural mosquito repellent refills for the Parakito bracelet.

Manufacturer: Parakito

SKU: 2613014


Plate for bracelet anti mosquito natural, non-toxic, for the whole family, waterproof, protection tested 15 days by plate. 

Pack of 2 refills for 2 times x 15 days of anti-mosquito protection.

Para'Kito is the result of a discovery in the field of natural repulsive referred molecules and a new way of distributing. It has been developed by an exclusive process impregnating Smellplast in polymers that can lock up and keep in the mass a blend of natural essential oils and food molecules.

This innovative product has been tested for 30 days by the I. Danielle (Research Institute of Protection Against Insects) in a laboratory to combat insect pests. The results of this study demonstrated that Para'Kito is a technological breakthrough in terms of protection against insects. Bracelet Para'Kito is a product in 2 parts of a polymer with a central plate impregnated with a repellent mix to protect you from mosquito bites. The impregnated plate is placed on the polymer bracelet in order to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Complies with European regulations C.E.


  • Active ingredients, formulas essential oils for the family-based
  • Technological innovation
  • Performance tested by ird in montpellier who collaborating laboratory
  • Efficiency in areas tropical and temperate for 15 days, 24 h on 24 h
  • Ultra lightweight and adjustable
  • A range of color and pattern
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Can be worn on the wrist to the ankle on a backpack , a stroller
  • Insert the plate para'kito on bracelet
  • A wear on the wrist or ankle... Or keep near you.

Recommended Use:

Para'Kito is a mosquito repellent bracelet/ankle to use for 15 days after opening from the protective bag. Para'Kito can be worn on the wrist or ankle thanks to its adjustable attachment.

We also recommend the Parakito wristband repellent Rechargeable Kids blue 2 x 15 days for children.


Biocide Product Type 19 (22.8% Oil Lavender Essential).


1 x box containing 2 refills.



Number of reviews : 4
Average rating : 5 /5
C. C.S.
  the 13/05/2017
5/ 5
This stuff works, doesn't harm the environment but keeps the biters at bay!
C. C.S.
  the 12/10/2016
5/ 5
M. Neil
  the 09/10/2016
5/ 5
My 3rd refill over several holidays and would highly recommend to anybody.Considerably cheaper than harmful chemical products.
C. C.S.
  the 28/02/2016
5/ 5
No bites at all in first week now entering serious mosquito country feel free to ask again in a months time