Papier d'Arménie La Rose Candle

Excellent candle for the home, for a divine rose fragrance. Brightens up the room with a mild aroma.
Manufacturer: Papier d Arménie


SKU 95991457


The Papier d'Arménie La Rose Candle makes a sweet gift for any loved one. It releases a delicate flowery rose fragrance to brighten the room. Its beautiful rose aroma creates the perfect ambiance, to calm and unwind at home. The rose candle is made from certified eco-friendly vegetable wax and a cotton wick for over 40 hours of burning time. This candle has been designed in collaboration with Francis Kurkdjia, roses from Iran and Turkey to create a unique fragrance of fruity rose with notes of honey.

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Flowery rose scented candle.

100% natural candle.

Recommended Use:

Ensure that the wick is straight and properly centered. Before each use, carefully snip the wick to a height of half a centimetre. Do the same if the flame grows too high. Leave the candle to burn until the entire surface layer is a liquid. Do not exceed more than 2 to 3 hours of burning at one time - this allows for optimal diffusion of the fragrance.


Candle based on vegetable wax certified by EcoCert and a cotton wick.


Candle approx 220g.